Lifestyle Dating Sites

Many lifestyles, many dating sites for them.

Do you have specific lifestyle choices that may make you want to focus on a smaller niche group of people who you would be most interested in dating? Sure you can go to the big dating portals online and look through thousands of profiles, and spend hundreds of hours getting to know people better to see if they fit into your lifestyle, but you could save a lot of time searching and spend quality time finding people with similar interests by choosing one of these niche dating sites.

Looking for alternative dating?

Some people call these lifestyle choices alternative, I call them fun and perfectly normal to me! - Into bdsm? Are you a little kinky? Like some domination? How about threesomes or spanking, or other fetishes? You can find plenty of other people are in the scene and looking for others to join them at - One of my favorite places online.

    The site is simple, very basic as far as graphics go, but the real focus is on the people. Sure you can sign up free, but you are limited to what you can do, and the people who have paid the few extra bucks to go gold get a featured listing at the top of the search results within the pages, so they probably get more action.

420 Dating - Do you like to smoke pot? Want to date someone who also tokes some weed? 420dating may be the best place to find them. I have not joined this site yet, but it does look interesting!

Threesome Finder - Like to share the love? I enjoy threesomes, and more-somes, so threesome finder is certainly worth registering for. Easy to read communications, it’s easy to sign up and post what you are looking for. Whether you are a couple looking for the third, or someone who wants to have sex with another couple, this is a great place to meet other’s who are not shy about ploy-amore sexual desires.

More-Somes finding - Who doesn’t love a good orgy? Or maybe just some partner swapping? I certainly enjoy having sex in a room with other people having sex, and there are lots of other people in the world who are into swinging. I love a good swingers party, if it’s a couple hundred people are just three or four - always good times. There are several great places to find other swingers online. I suggest getting into these sites to find other open minded swing lifestyle online groups.

  • Swinglifestyle
  • swingtowns
  • and plenty more

Into the military lifestyle? Some people consider military dating an alternative lifestyle choice. It certainly is a bit different mating in the military world than it is for regular ole’ civilians. There are challenges and bonuses when dating someone in the militay and those in the armed forces who are dating people within or outside of it. There are a few dating portals for those in the various military branches - you may want to check these out:

  • Military Date
  • Mili Space

STDs and issue?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are pretty rampant in our society - it’s a fact of life.

If you are scared of STDs and totally clean yourself, there are a couple of sites that focus on STD testing and checking before dating - check out these:

If you are stuck with a lifelong STD, welcome to the club, it’s not a big deal. I believe there are more people with lifelong STDs than not - so your chances of finding someone else with an STD are greater than finding someone without I am sure. If you have herpes or HSV, there are plenty of people who do and are looking to date! Ben diagnozed with HPV? Last stat I saw was 8 out of 10 people have it, so finding a partner who is also dealing with HPV in the dating scene shouldn’t be to tough. There are also sites dedicated to those singles who are living with hepatitis and HIV as well.

Here are a few to check out:

    Antopia’s MPwH - dating with herpes or HPV - join the club! - focused on dating for people dealing all kinds of diseases

    positivesingles - HIV positive? Been diagnosed with herpes or hpv - there is an established community of singles looking for love here and no need for “the talk” - list your profile and condition - easy to find others who are in the same boat.

Gay and lesbian dating? We’ve got you uncovered here.



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